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Harry Irrgang

Harry Irrgang

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Harry was born in Birmingham, England in 1951, of German parents who lived in Poland up to World War Two. He learned to speak English at school, his mother tongue being German. The family worshipped at the Polish Lutheran Church in Birmingham, where Harry was employed playing the organ at age 12. He went on to study German at the University of Wales, where he also trained to become a teacher while writing a Ph.D. on the medieval Catholic theologian and mystic, Master Eckhart. After some troubling events in his personal life, Harry felt the call to become a Pastor, and assumed this would be in his Polish Lutheran Church in England. He therefore came to Poland to learn Polish (1978-80), meeting his present wife Ania in Warsaw. However, on returning to the UK, he was unable to arrange theology studies and went into language teaching instead. In the meantime, Ania joined him in the UK to study Church Education in Birmingham, and they got married in 1982.

In 1986, Harry and Ania decided to emigrate to Poland. Harry found a job playing the organ at Ania’s Methodist Church in Warsaw, and then began a new career as a translator. He thought that he had misheard God’s call, as nothing had come of pastoring in the UK, but the Lord had other plans. Together with a missionary, he started midweek Bible study in English at the Methodist Church, and then – on request – conducted Sunday services in English there, birthing a congregation known as Mokotowska Christian Fellowship (1990-96). This was disbanded for various sad reasons, and Harry left the Methodists to join Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Warsaw, continuing his career as a translator in international law firms.

In 2013, the Polish Lutheran pastor invited Harry to teach English Christmas carols and hymns to the parishioners. The success of this led to the forming of an English-language midweek fellowship group, which still continues. Finally, in 2017, Harry was invited by WIC’s Church Council to pastor Warsaw International Church, which he gladly accepted. The Lord’s call had not been misunderstood after all. It was just that, instead of being called to pastor a Polish church in England, he was ultimately to pastor an English church in Poland. God moves in mysterious ways.

Harry loves “collecting” hymns – especially, beautiful old revival hymns, many of which are now almost forgotten. Ania and Harry also enjoy walking in Poland’s diversified countryside, and are both lovers of nature. Harry has two daughters from his first marriage, and six granddaughters.


One of the best aspects of Warsaw International Church is the diverse set of backgrounds making up the congregation. We have members from around the world and anyone is very welcome to attend our services.

The congregation consists of members who have been attending for years, visitors to Warsaw, students, travellers on business, native Poles – the list goes on. People come from a variety of Christian denominations, bringing unique opportunities to explore and develop one’s faith.

We also have members who have found a faith in Jesus Christ through our church. So even if you just want to learn about the Christian faith or have lots of questions, we humbly invite you to worship with us.

The Church Council

The Church Council is elected by members of the congregation and is responsible for managing our church. It meets about once a month to handle financial, program, calendar and other ongoing matters.

The Council names, as needed, either standing committees or one-off task forces to do more detailed planning and execution of church events.

The nature of an international congregation is that many of our most active members leave Poland after a few years. That means there is a constant need for new leaders to come forward and volunteer their gifts and skills to the congregation.

2023 Warsaw International Church Council

  • President - Issayas Techane
  • Vice-President - Renata Jabłczyńska
  • Treasurer - Piotr Dypczynski
  • Member - Mark Asamoah
  • Member - Arthur Gil
  • Member - Boriana Rendak
  • Member - Ayomide Ojo
  • Non-Council Attender - Pastor Harry Irrgang

How to become a church member

Warsaw International Church would love to have you as a member. Keeping our membership rates up helps keep the church in good standing with the Polish Government. There is no need to worry about this membership clashing with your home church membership as we are entirely a nondenominational international church.

If you wish to become a member, please click the email link below and send the requested information. Also try to ensure that you speak with the Pastor after one of the services.

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