Bassey's Testimony

At moments of my life when I was almost sinking, the ever waiting arms of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ, were always there to pull me out of the deep. Every department of my life, from my spiritual life, career, to my life as husband and father, has been immensely touched and revived by the unending love of Jesus, since I received Him as my dear Lord and Saviour in June 1994, in my last year in high school.

At one very tense moment of our family life, in 2012, when the devil attacked our son, we saw our son cry for almost 22 hours, unending. During this very trying moment, our child refused every food, water and liquid. The devil kept whispering to us, trying to tell us how we could lose our son. In the midst of this, we continued to hold on to our Lord Jesus Christ in very intense Spirit-filled prayers and also seeking prayers from pastors. Precisely at 9:30 pm the next night, our Almighty God visited us with healing in His arms. Not only did our son stop crying, he accepted food and liquid the next morning. Because this was completely a spiritual attack and not a medical problem, we didn’t have to administer any medication. Today, our son is very strong and healthy and will be celebrating his tenth birthday on June 1, 2020. Truly, our Lord and King, Jesus Christ, remains our ever present help in times of need. He never leaves nor forsakes us.

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