The Bible is very specific about divorce, that it is unacceptable and against the will of God. However, it is becoming more common in modern society. a) Can someone who is divorced get married again in the Christian Church? b) If your wife or husband abandons you, are you free to marry again in the Christian Church? c) Can divorced people still take Communion and go to Heaven?


The answer to the first question is: in some churches, yes.

As regards the second question, in some Christian churches people can remarry, not just if their previous partner abandoned them, but also if their first marriage broke down for other reasons. It all depends on the regulations of the denomination concerned.

The third question is therefore also answered by the previous question, because if some churches allow divorced people to remarry, they will also allow them to take Communion. Whether such people go to Heaven, only God knows. Everything depends on a person’s faith in the Lord, their regret that their first marriage broke down, their repentance and sense of forgiveness for past sins, and their desire to serve God to the best of their ability for the rest of their lives.

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