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WIC Weekly January 22nd 2023

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Spiritual Nourishment

From “Heart Yearnings For Revival” by Oswald J. Smith (1889-1986)

August 16th

It must come, the revival for which I have prayed so long. How God melted me this morning! How sweet is prayer! Praise His name! Oh, for Holy Spirit conviction and Holy Spirit fruit! Only that will stand the test of time and eternity. God has stirred my heart in an unusual way. How unspeakably precious He is. Oh, for conviction, old-fashioned conviction of sin! (…)

"Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of hosts." And this is perhaps the secret of failure. Truth is preached most earnestly and faithfully but nothing happens. What is the matter? No power.

During my intercession this morning I read a few chapters from "Memoirs of John Smith," by Richard Treffry, and it drove me to prayer. For some time God gave wonderful liberty, perhaps an hour, possibly less. I don't know for I was entirely unconscious of time. And first He led me to confession. Oh, how I have failed! Failed in prayer, for I have spent minutes when I ought to have spent hours. Failed in Bible Study for I have not poured over the sacred pages as I ought. Failed in time for I have allowed Satan to fill my life with other things and thus crowd God out. Failed in service for I have not given out Gospel tracts to the unsaved, nor spoken to them personally about their souls, nor preached on the street corners to the hundreds who do not attend church. Oh, I have failed miserably, miserably failed. And I long to be true and faithful. I plead for souls, yet my eyes do not weep as His did.

But glory be to God, I believe He is leading me into a deeper experience where I will count all things but loss for Christ; where I will suffer, sacrifice, pray, study and serve as never before; where there will be but one thing in my life, and thus the revival for which I long will come. He will pour forth His Spirit, souls will be convicted and saved. May God hear and graciously answer! I must not fail again. God help me to press on, and on, and on.

Our News

Many thanks to Brother Emmanuel Joseph for preaching his wonderful message last Sunday, on obedience and Jesus’ obedience to His Father. It was part of his series of messages on the Father’s Heart. Emmanuel is a gifted preacher and we hope he will be able to preach for us again before too long! Thanks also to Brother Arthur for leading the service and to Brother Terry for leading us in intercessory prayer.

At last Sunday’s service our newcomers included Thomas from the UK; Jennipher and Keren from Kenya; Kevin and Gosia from the USA and Poland; Kidist from Ethiopia; and Nana from Ghana. It was also good to see Brother Chris Meyer again!

This Sunday (22 January) we will receive four worshippers as official members of WIC. Please support them by your attendance in person or online.

We now have a video promoting WIC, its pastor and his life story, and some secrets of what makes a marriage work and leads to happiness. I was invited to record the interview by Polish Lutherans last week. It is in Polish but with English subtitles, so everyone can understand what’s being said. Please don’t hesitate to use it as an evangelizing or counselling tool. Hope you enjoy it. The link is:

WIC’s Annual Conference will be held on 5 February. From our Treasurer, Piotr Dypczyński:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Each year, during our Fall Stewardship campaign, we invite our members and regular worshippers to make a commitment of their time and financial resources to enable WIC to do God’s work. Both contributions are important.

Self-supporting Churches, such as ours, are possible because friends and members voluntarily help and pay the bills. Some volunteers help with worship, prepare fellowship events, or serve on the Council. Volunteers are the builders of our Church community.

The Council will work on our budget for 2023 with expenses in the current range of 69,000 PLN. This is the modest budget needed to meet the operational needs of the Church as it functions now. Over the next few Sundays we will be asking you to consider the financial resources you can commit to WIC in the coming year to help us meet this budget, if not exceed it. We are proud of our unique 39-year history and feel that WIC has a lot yet to accomplish in doing God’s work.

Please consider prayerfully what you are able to commit to WIC for the year 2023. Every commitment counts. Annual pledges are deeply appreciated.

Pledge forms will be handed out during the next few Sundays and will be collected during the offering. If you cannot attend worship service in the coming weeks please contact the Treasurer Piotr Dypczyński at with your pledge.

Thank you for your help in keeping WIC able to share in God’s work. Yours in Christ,

Piotr Dypczyński Church Council Treasurer

And here is the pledge form. Please pray about it, consider what you can contribute (maybe as part of your tithe), fill it in, and return it as indicated above:

WIC Pledge Form 2023

Warsaw International Church

Stewardship Commitment/ Pledge Form

As an expression of my/our love for God and support of His work

through the ministry of WIC, I/we make the following commitment to

support the work of the Church.

Currency: PLN / USD / EUR / ____

Amount: _

For the calendar year 2023

Amount: ____ every: week / month / quarter in 2023

Note to the Treasurer ___

Name: ___

Email: ___

Phone: ___ Signed: ____

Taxpayers may claim credit for their contributions to WIC.

We are registered in the Polish record of Churches and Religious

Associations – in position 132. Polish contributions for tax

deductions must be made by bank transfer.

Polish bank transfers to:

Warsaw International Church

ul. Willowa 1, 00-789 Warszawa

Bank account: PL 63 1090 1056 0000 0000 0600 9128


Santander Bank Polska S.A. with its registered office in Warsaw,

al. Jana Pawła II 17, 00-854 Warszawa


A Ukraine sister connected with our church is preparing to have further surgery for cancer, and needs our prayers for support and healing.

Some of you may remember Brother Phil from the US Embassy and his wife Maribeth, who worshipped with us for part of last year. Maribeth’s father is critically ill with Covid. Our prayers are requested for his recovery.

We are praying constantly for Ukraine, that this pointless and brutal war may end with the invaders stopping their invasion and withdrawing to their own country. There is a huge danger that the war will escalate into a world conflict – all because a dictator decided to grab some land from another sovereign country. Unfortunately many people in his land still support him and are blinded by his propaganda. We could be very close to the Second Coming, and should revise our thinking and manner of living accordingly. Christ’s Second Coming needs to be uppermost in our minds!

Please pray for more people to join WIC, and for spiritual growth in our congregation. We want to be ready for revival when it comes. Please let’s make prayer the basis of our daily life. Let Christ reign in our hearts and fill us with His peace. Come to the Lord if you haven’t yet done so, and may He take priority in all our doings. May we learn to discern His providence in what happens to us, as well as His protection and guidance in difficult situations. If we are constantly in two minds and cannot decide between Christ and the world, we are not going anywhere, and need to be made whole in mind and spirit. Pray for the Father’s grace, healing and love to become real to you at all times.

Last Sunday's sermon was preached by Brother Emmanuel Joseph on obedience and Jesus’ obedience to His Father, the basic text being from the Book of Joshua (Joshua 1:1-9), but also from John 12:39-50

Verse for the week: “Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him” (Genesis 6:22).

Readings for 22 January

Readings and Hymns for the 22 January service

Today’s theme: Be ready and be disciplined.

Psalm: 19:1-2. 7-14

First reading: Genesis: selected verses from chapters 6 to 9

Second reading: Matthew 24: 37-51

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